Monday, June 20, 2011

Chad Martineau Says She Had Membership to Adult Site

Here we present the typed copy of Chad Martineau's statement. Chad's hand-written letter can be viewed as a .PDF file by clicking here. This file has been posted here on June 20, 2011 but was written at an earlier date. Mr. Chad Alan Martineau wants you to know that the person who chatted with him at an adult web site was exactly that: an adult.

Mr. Scott Orr:

I am writing to express my disappointment in the sheriff's office and the judicial system in Yavapai County. I was recently pressured into pleading guilty to bogus charges because I was threatened with an extremely harsh sentence if I continued to proclaim my innocence. I accepted a plea agreement and pleaded guilty rather than face the threat of serving 15 years in prison. The tactic of using overly harsh sentences if cases are brought to trial is unjust and is preventing the tactics of the sheriffs from being brought to light in a public trial where they would surely be condemned.

I was imprisoned simply for having only one chat session with a sheriff's detective who initiated the online chatting while posing as a 19-year old female. At the time of the chat I was on an adult web site where participants are required to state that they are at least 18 years of age or older.

I have never had any interest in having any contact whatsoever with an underage girl and I was caught entirely off guard when the detective suddenly became a fictitious 13-year old instead of the 19-year old I had begun to chat with. I have no previous crimes of any kind and have never been arrested before. I am not a potential sexual predator and without this questionable "sting" operation no crime would have taken place. There was no 19 yr. old or a 13 yr. old so there was no victim. I am the only unfortunate victim in this operation designed to entrap innocent men.

The citizens of Yavapai County need to be informed about how our sheriffs, who complain of being under staffed and underfunded, are wasting precious resources to create crimes and criminals where none would otherwise exist. This misguided operation is not taking any actual predators off the street but is focusing on innocent men with no criminal history as their intended targets. There are no child victims to be saved by the sheriffs yet. These operations are destroying the lives of many innocent men.

Unfortunately the threat of harsh penalties are unfairly keeping these cases from being exposed in public trials where the citizens of Yavapai County might learn how misguided and unfair these schemes really are.

I am looking forward to meeting or speaking with you to share further facts and details about the life-destroying consequences of these entrapment operations.



  1. It is time to join together and put a stop to this injustice that is being performed throughout the country. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida just entrapped 49 men and one woman in an internet sting performed on adult sites. The FBI just entrapped the Mayor of Taylorsville GA. The stings usually only target men until I put the word out that it is unconstitutional to do so and are going after women now too. Now they are sweating bullets because they know I will not stop until the stings are shut down.

    “Perverted Justice” and MSNBC started this whole mess and “law enforcement” agencies throughout the country are following the same illegal methods. Child predators are not people that peruse adult web sites and get talked into coming over for a “chat” after having a sexually explicit conversation with a fictitious person encouraging the sexual dialogue in an environment riddled with automated porn bots. I don’t care if the people arrested in these stings do show up to have sex with teenagers bringing condoms, teddy bears, or candy. They could have a whole truck load of condoms and sex toys for all I care because the police officers are the ones that are asking and encouraging them to do it. They are not searching for child predators because if that were true they would not be doing the same things that child predators do. I.e. set up fake profiles in chat rooms or post ads on sites and encourage people to come over and have sex with them. However, the child predators are doing this on minor oriented sites and “law enforcement” agencies are doing it on adult sites.

    Undercover officers are playing the roles of people consenting and encouraging “illegal activity” but having a sexual chat with an imaginary person is not illegal at all whether pretending to be a minor or not, especially not when that imaginary person is encouraging it. This is nothing more than the creation of crime and “virtue testing” according to Lusby v State (507 So.2d 613).

    “We do not condone general forrays into the population at large by government agents to question at random the citizenry of this country to test their law abiding nature, i.e., virtue testing.”

    It is illegal for “law enforcement” to use the internet community’s predisposition to look for sex and relationships online against them and talk obviously lonely and desperate people into “breaking the law”. It is also illegal for them to falsely represent themselves on adult web sites with the intentions of ruining people’s lives because it violates the terms of use of the web sites which violates the constitutional rights of the “suspects”. It is also illegal to perform any kind of sting to prevent the occurrence of anything without just cause because without crime there is no crime to enforce and it is illegal for “law enforcement” to create it. For them to say that they are “protecting our children” is ridiculous. The only thing a parent needs to do is keep their “innocent children” off of adult sites (which they cannot legally access anyway) and give out their phone numbers and addresses with the intentions of having sex with strangers because they think it’s fun and see it on television and at school.

    The lies and the massacres have to stop. Wake up parents! The only people that are capable of harming your children is YOU! Stop letting “law enforcement” do your job and letting them lie and say they are doing theirs. Visit the blogs at to learn the truth about internet stings and how they are illegal.

  2. I found the arrests for operation "Spider Web" performed by Orange County and will calculate the percentages.

    Again, the Craigslist statistics for October are from

    The number of arrest information can be found at

    9 arrests/44 visits = .21 (21%)
    .21*1,938,971 people = 396,607 PEOPLE!

    10/26/2011 (not counting Brad Lee Shelt arrested from Facebook)
    10 arrests/44 visits = .23 (23%)
    .23*1,938,971 people = 440,675 PEOPLE!

    No arrests were made on this day. I guess because it was a Sunday and they took a day off. This does not sound like they were too concerned with protecting children to me if they took a day off.

    10 arrests/30 visits = .33 (33%)
    .33*1,938,971 people = 646,323 PEOPLE!

    10 arrests/25 visits = .40 (40%)
    .40*1,938,971 people = 775,588 PEOPLE!

    8 arrests/18 visits = .44 (44%)
    .44*1,938,971 people = 861,764 PEOPLE!

    Adding up the total arrests I get: 9 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 8 = 47.

    However, the two arrests on 10/24/2011 were ignored because they were probably made late at night but before 10/25/2011 and could not be included in the arrests for this day. Also, since the sting had just started the percentages would be useless.

    The number of arrests per day seems to have a pattern. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office seemed to be shooting for ten arrests per day. With this in mind I should take the average arrests and divide it by the average visits to Craigslist.

    47 arrests/5 days = 9.4 arrests/day
    (44 + 44 + 30 + 25 + 18) visits/5 days = 32.2 visits/day

    Average percentage
    9.4 arrests/32.2 visits = .292 (29.2%)
    .292*1,938,971 people = 566,035 PEOPLE!

    This more accurately proves that this operation consisted of nothing more than manufactured crime because these percentages do not represent the average internet population that prey upon children. Law enforcement officials are alleging that these arrests are justified which is ridiculous because these percentages prove otherwise.

  3. I am curious to know what is going on with these cases that are talked about here. Are there any motions being filed to dismiss them? We have to stick with these stings because they are already out of control. We need to get as many people arrested in them to file motions to dismiss even if they are already convicted (which would be a motion for post conviction relief at that point). We can’t take the country back by force, even though I would like to and probably could, we have to flood the courts to get what we want and change what we want. We certainly can’t do it one case at a time.

  4. Again, this is happening everywhere and not just in Arizona. This is America! Not Russia, where the police officers pull you over just to take your money even when you haven’t done anything wrong.


  6. Thank you Anarch and Shelley for posting comments. Sadly, I do not have any new updates to post on these cases here and am not personally involved with them. I believe most of the guys involved here plea-bargained out. But I do agree that this type of thing has ruined the lives of thousands of families.

  7. Wow, I just found your blog. I'm been looking for this exact situation and people who have experienced the same thing. My son's father was arrested on January 4th, 2013 for this exact same thing. He went to meet his so-called 13-year-old, who he truly believed over three months was a person, in fact, much older than the 18-year-old they were identifying themselves as. Anyway, to cut to the chase, we are poor, so we couldn't afford the bail. He was arrested on Long Island, where we live, and immediately wisked up to Albany. They did coordinated SWAT-team-type raids on both the business and our home, taking all of our computer and our cell phones, a brand-new unopened Kindle Fire and any device that belonged to my son. I work at home so I suddenly, also, found myself unable to make a living -- which we're living on the edge anyway. I managed to get my one computer back and my cell phones that evening, although if the DA had gotten involved earlier this would not have been the case. As of today we still do not have any of our equipment back, although we have been told we will. They found nothing except some chat logs on one computer and they are wiping the hard drive clean, so I guess I can't find the nitty-gritty, although I have been sent the chat lots by my partner's PD and it's absolutely laughable -- no way was this creature 13 years old, or 18. But, like I said, we're poor, and when I spoke to my partner on the phone after the plea, he said he took it because they said if he didn't and he fought the charge they would pile on I don't know how many charges, and they would bring Federal charges against him, so he took it -- 4 years and 10 years on the sex-offender registry. This man has never committed any crime.

    He was also destroyed on News 12 Long Island and in the media. The media accounts were made out to be extremely different from the reality. In fact they said he had been charged with crimes -- disseminating indecent material a minor (this seems to be a favorite in NYS), in particular -- and charges were not, in fact, brought until three weeks later.

    Yes, my son and I have been devastated, the business destroyed. Everybody, with the exception of a few people, turned their back on him -- especially people he had helped out the most, i.e. given shelter to when they were homeless (believe me, I could write a book on our misplaced kindness to this person). He has already received death threats by people where his shop was located if he ever shows his face in that area. I mean, it's really unbelieveable. He was seriously, seriously depressed when he started going into this chatroom. His father had just died in September and he went into this chatroom at the beginning of October and was immediately hooked by this person.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your blog post.